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Welcome to ARCTAQUA

Cross-Border Innovations in Arctic Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing animal production sector, and it is considered as an environmentally-sustainable industry that produces protein source for the growing world population. However, in Europe and Russia, the aquaculture production volumes have not followed the increasing demand for aquaculture products. Diversification of the farmed aquatic species is vital to cater to the market demands for fish protein. The main objective of ARCTAQUA is to promote the development of sustainable aquaculture in the Arctic region. For this, the ARCTAQUA will address main bottlenecks in the production of novel fish species (Arctic char, spotted wolffish, European whitefish and nelma) in the Arctic region; a strategy to improve the economic feasibility of the production systems of these species and to expand this industry. Ultimately, the ARCTAQUA will be a catalyst to create new job opportunities and contribute to the economic development of the Arctic region. This project is funded by Kolarctic CBC, EU, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland (, and



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