Industry workshops

Four industry workshops focusing on spotted wolffish, Arctic char and whitefish farming will be organized to bring together researchers, industry and other stakeholders. The potential of these new species for farming in the Arctic region together with the on-going project results will be promoted. The presence in the workshops of companies producing the focus species will be key to proof-of-concept to potential investors. This will be secured through preliminary contacts already established. The workshop in Sweden in May 2021 will be co-organized by SLU & GU. The location will be decided later, but will be either in the Norrbotten or in the Västerbotten region. A workshop in Finland in Oulu region will be organized by Luke in October/November 2021. The workshop in Murmansk will be organized by MSTU in May 2022. The workshop in Bodø will be organized by Nord and Akvatik in November 2022.