The ARCTAQUA project will run from December 2019 until 2022 November and will focus in 4 species (Arctic char, spotted wolffish, European whitefish and nelma). These species were selected for their potential for farming in the Arctic region and high economical value, however they all present bottlenecks in their production that the ARCTAQUA will address through innovative approaches and cross-border knowledge exchange. Eight partners from Norway (Nord University, Akvatik AS and Sigerfjord AS), Sweden (SLU and University of Gothenburg), Finland (LUKE) and Russian (MSTU and Berg Institute) will work together to fulfill the ARCTAQUA objectives. The work is divided in 4 Work Packages. The WP1 (Selective Breeding and Reproduction) is led by Christos Palaiokostas from SLU. The WP2 (Nutrition) is led by Vera Bogdanova from Berg Institute. The WP3 (Health and Welfare) is led by Petr Kravets from MSTU. The WP4 (Dissemination) is led by José Beirão from Nord University.