The project is divided in 4 Workpages

WP1 – Selective Breeding and Reproduction

Will create the conditions for the development of broodstocks that secure high quality eggs and juveniles and contribute to a predictable production. The WP leader is Christos Palaiokostas ( from SLU.

Activity 1.1. Improved broodstocks performance by storage and manipulation of gametes and eggs

1.1.1. Arctic char artificial fertilization protocols development (Nord, MSTU, Sigerfjord)

1.1.2. Nelma artificial fertilization protocols development (Berg, Nord)

Activity 1.2. Genome-wide approaches for improving selection efficiency in Arctic char (SLU, Luke)

1.2.1. Identification of genetic markers

1.2.2 Genome-wide approaches for improved fertility and growth

1.2.3 Validation of selection efficiency

Activity 1.3. Genomic selection for improved disease resistance and production in European whitefish (Luke, SLU)

1.3.1. Marker development and genomic data

1.3.2. Measure fish traits

1.3.3. Genomic selection tool to improve fish traits

Activity 1.4. Sustainable broodstock management for nelma (Berg, Luke)


WP2 – Nutrition

Will develop diets and feeding regimes that fulfill the focus species nutritional needs. The WP leader is Vera Bogdanova ( from the Berg Institute.

Activity 2.1 Larvae and fry feeding behaviour and nutrition (Nord, GU)

2.1.1 Optimize the visual environment at first feeding for wolffish

2.1.2 First feeding, feed formulation and texture of feed for wolffish

2.1.3 Chemoattractants in feed for wolffish

Activity 2.2. Grow-out nutrition (Nord, GU)

2.2.1. Wolfish fry and juvenile nutrition with focus on mineralisation

Activity 2.3 Broodstock nutrition (Berg)

2.3.1. Nelma broodstock diet

Activity 2.4 Potential for local, small scale fish feed and ingredient production in the Arctic region (Akvatik, Nord and GU)

2.4.1. Compilation of methods and equipment for small scale feed production

2.4.2. Compilation of methods and equipment for alternative fish feed ingredient production


WP3 – Health and Welfare

Will improve fish health and welfare conditions. The WP leader is Petr Kravets ( from MSTU.

Activity 3.1. Rearing ongrowing conditions

3.1.1. Demonstration of environmental friendly RAS system (MSTU)

3.1.2. Juveniles rearing in RAS system (MSTU)

3.1.3. Rearing density of Arctic char (Sigerfjord, Nord, Akvatik)

Activity 3.2. Fish health and prophylaxis (MSTU, Akvatik, Berg)

3.2.1. Overview of pathologies

3.2.2. Preventive health care

Activity 3.3. Histology atlas

3.3.1. Histology atlas for Arctic char (MSTU, Akvatik, Nord)

3.3.2. Atlas of embryonic and early postembryonic development of whitefish (Berg, Akvatik, Nord)


WP4 – Dissemination

Will proof-of-concept of these new species farming to investors and other stakeholders.                                                                 The WP leader is José Beirão ( from Nord.

Activity 4.1 Outreach activities

4.1.1. Project promotion (Nord, Akvatik, SLU, Luke, MSTU, Berg)

4.1.2. Webpage (Nord, SLU, Luke, MSTU)

Activity 4.2 – Industry workshops

4.2.1 Workshop in Norrbotten/Vesterbotten, Sweden (SLU, GU)

4.2.2 Workshop in Oulu, Finland (Luke)

4.2.3 Workshop in Murmansk, Russia (MSTU)

4.2.4 Workshop in Bodø, Norway (Nord, Akvatik)