Project Management

Morten Einar EdvardsenProject Manager


T: +47 75 05 78 23

Morten Einar Edvardsen is the Head of Division for Teacher Education and an Assistant Professor of Pedagogy & Educational Leadership at Nord University. He completed his graduate training in School Leadership at NTNU, and he is an active lecturer and course coordinator for both teacher education and principal education programs across three universities (Nord U, NTNU, and UiT).

Morten has nearly twenty years of educational management experience at multiple levels. Starting initially as a secondary-education teacher, he advanced to other roles, including as: a school Principal; an Inspector, a Department Head, a Chief Operating Officer, and a Unit Leader for the municipal Superintendent’s Office; an Advisor for the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.

In many of these positions, Morten has served as a Project Manager for numerous national, municipal, and institutional initiatives. These projects have focused on some of the most pressing issues in the education sector, among them: developing ICT competences and adopting digital resources, sustainability, school attendance, anti-bullying, assessment, and literacy. He is currently responsible for the “University School” Project at Nord University and he is engaged with the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in their “Good Kindergarten- and School-Owner” Project for Northern-Norway.


Heather McKendryMain Project Administrator


T: +47 75 51 79 44

Heather McKendry is a Senior Advisor and an Instructor in the Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University. She completed her graduate training at Queen’s University in Canada. As an MA and PhD student, her research won funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Before moving to Norway, she worked as a Lecturer in English Literature at Yale University and was an RAA for the Research Office at McMaster University, where she administered major research grants, including those through NSERC, SSHRC, etc. She has experience organizing conferences, curating archival exhibitions, and advising students. Beyond this, she has worked extensively as an editorial assistant and a research assistant for academic publications through publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Rowman & Littlefield, and Liverpool University Press, among others.


Nadya Allen, International Manager, Queen’s University


T: +1 613 533 6000 ext. 77414

Nadya Allen is a manager of international education in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. She completed her undergraduate degree as an international student at Queen’s University, and her M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Nadya brings with her fifteen years of international education experience, ranging from admission and student life to international student recruitment and marketing in both secondary and post-secondary settings.

As International Manager, Nadya works closely with international partner institutions on developing new programs and initiating new international opportunities for students. She advises Canadian and international students about the possibilities of studying abroad and at the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University.


Charlotta Maria Langejan, International Coordinator, Nord University


T: +47 75 51 73 24

Charlotta Maria Langejan is International Coordinator at the Faculty of Education and Arts, Nord University. A Finnish citizen, born in France, she has worked in Venezuela, the Netherlands, Finland and Norway as a teacher and project leader for different NGOs.

As International Coordinator, she informs Norwegian and foreign students about the possibilities of studying abroad and at Nord University. Contact with partner institutions and building bridges with new partner institutions is a central part of her work.

Charlotta holds a MA in Pedagogics from Åbo Akademi, Finland and is a qualified teacher. She also holds a MA in International Relations from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


Alexandra Minuk, Graduate Student Assistant, Queen’s University


Allie Minuk is a Master’s student in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. After completing the Concurrent program with Queen’s, she received an Honours degree in Psychology and a degree in Primary/Junior Education.

She began her teaching career in England, where she had the privilege of working with students with Autism and Social/Emotional/Mental Health needs. After two years there, she decided to return to Queen’s to pursue graduate studies.

Though her research interests are mostly focused on supporting students with exceptionalities, the CANOPY partnership combines two of Allie’s passions: teaching and travel. She values being involved with the project because of its collaborative nature. She has already learned so much from the participants, as both a teacher and a researcher. She looks forward to helping facilitate the seminars each year!