Student Opportunities

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Under the CANOPY program, there are two categories of student mobility from Norway to Canada:

Short-Term Mobility

Long-Term Mobility

Project Unit

CANOPY Partner Group (CPG)

Student Exchange Group (SEG)


1 week (Spring)

1 semester (Fall)


Conferences, Seminars, and Tours

Coursework and Practicum

Available Funding

Flights, accommodations, food

NOK 3450 stipend per month (in addition to lånekassen)

Number of Students



Application Deadline Competition window is now closed

20 January 2021

Students who wish to participate in either of these mobility groups should carefully review the following information and submit an application according to the individual group instructions below:

Short Term Mobility: CANOPY Partner Group (CPG)

The window for applications to join the 2020 CPG has closed (see archived call here). Instructions for the next competition will be posted in September.

Long-Term Mobility: Student Exchange Group (SEG)


In order to promote international collaboration and to provide students with increased opportunities for developing global competencies and dynamic language skills, CANOPY has established an exchange partnership between the Faculty of Education and Arts at Nord University and the Faculty of Education Queen’s University. This long-term mobility scheme will enable teacher-education students from Norway to more fully immerse in the Canadian educational environment and to acquire an international perspective on teaching and learning that extends beyond their typical experience within local guidelines and curricula. Practicum placements, in particular, will help MAGLU students cultivate intercultural awareness, craft self-reflexive pedagogy, and assemble a broader network of colleagues and mentors.

Exchange Overview:

Further information about the exchange program at Queen’s


      • 1 MAGLU student (either 1-7 or 5-10) will be selected for the Fall semester exchange in 2021.
      • Enrollment will provide an equivalent of 30 ECTS course credits in either:
      • Exchange students will have an opportunity to be placed for up to 6 weeks of practicum (praksis) in a local Ontario school, which will be officially recognized by FLU.
      • Beyond the funding available through Lånekassen, students on exchange to Queen’s University will receive from the CANOPY project an additional 3.450,- kr per month (for four months) to assist with expenses.


 To qualify for this particular semester exchange, students must:

      • Be enrolled in the second year of the MAGLU program at Nord University at the time of application (starting their third year, when they go on exchange)
      • Possess suitable English skills (a minimum level of 4 in English from upper secondary school, or equivalent training).
      • also meet the eligibility requirements set by the International Office at Nord University. Visit the Nord Exchange website for more information.


Visit the Nord Exchange website and follow the instructions to submit an application by 20 January 2021. 

If you have questions about semester exchange, please contact the FLU International Coordinator, Charlotta Langejan.

Due to the global COVID-19 situation, regular mobility offerings have been temporarily replaced by an online program. See below for more details about this opportunity (or download the 2021-IAP Brochure.