An illustration of my use and development of learning spaces online

LMS for organising the online lectures, and registering and keeping track of students, and collecting and storing their e-Portfolios, using project based methodology, using Web 2.0 tools for creating openly availably lectures and lecture resources, Twitter as the only successful tool as for student – lecturer interaction and as a tool for students to produce a social media product.


//Nettbasert undervisning med YouTube, podcast, blogg, integrert i Moodle – og prosjektbasert…//, In the Forum for Distance Education, Theme Issue Web 2.0, No. 1 (In Norwegian), 2008 – This interview with me explains my use of blogs as tools for my lecturing in Social Informatics

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Senior Lecturer in ICT (2003). Majoring in Information Science (UiB, 1991); including major specialization in Public Law, focusing on Employment Law and Police Law. Pedagogical Seminar (UiB, 1991). Further specialization in Tactical Evaluation and Guidance (HVSKS, 2012).​