Are there cultural differences in how we play online games?

Working with people you always learn something new. In the days I was lecturing gaming students, I learned something about the styles of playing and the national identities of the players; that there is a marked difference in playing styles between English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish and Russian players of Counter Strike.

According to my students, players from the former Eastern Europe had a much more aggressive and individualistic style of playing. To join a team of Poles or Russians meant no team cooperation, and no communication in English. Poles and Russians communicates only in their own languages, even when they are part of an international team, unless when they shout abuse at you, was the general description from those of my students who had played CS. A marked difference from playing in teams containing gamers from UK, Germany, Sweden or France. Here teamwork and communication in English was the norm.

I did some quick searching online to see if someone have done any research on this, but the closest I came was “Are there cultural differences in how we play? Examining cultural effects on playing social network games” by Donghee Yvette Wohn.

Interesting. Would such traits be visible also in more serious simulation exercises?


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