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Nord University preparedness management lab (NORDLAB) provides an arena for education, research, exercises and testing
of management tools and collaboration processes related to sea, land and air-based emergency response. In cooperation
with world-leading suppliers of emergency preparedness software, modelling & simulation systems and decision making
support solutions, Nord University has invested in computer-based simulation capacities integrated with crisis management
decision-support tools and command and control support systems.

NORDLAB provides a platform for education, research and development of innovative technologies and procedures to increase the capabilities to manage crisis response, with a special focus on the Arctic environment.

NORDLAB ‘s aim is to advance knowledge development within the emergency preparedness system and provide support
to research and development projects.

NORDLAB is tailor-made for training-serials and table-top exercises to train joint emergency response operations. The lab also serves as test platform for managerial concepts and emergency management support tools.

NORDLAB is equipped with broadband interfaces for joint and combined exercises with external simulator systems and labs.


Unit in distress and rescue
unit maneuvering
On scene coordination
Incident commander tasks
Operation center functions
Crisis organization and staffs
in companies
Joint emergency response
Crisis management tools
Arctic operational contexts


Desk top simulators
Alarm central
Radio communication tools
Command and control system
Logging software
Crisis management planning
and decision
support system
Staff room with wall screen solutions
Skype telephone and conference system
CCTV and logging systems for debriefing
Broad band external network

The above text is from the NORDLAB folder and I’m quite thrilled to be a small part of this environment. In my day to day work I try to combine my position as a Senior Lecturer with being a conscripted Staff Advisor in the Norwegian Civil Defence, using my experience with Game Based Learning and my Home Guard training and Civil Defence duties as responsible for Tactical Guidance and Evaluation at Nord-Trøndelag Civil Defence District. I think that if we manage to combine the facilities of NORDLAB with single and multi-player games to be used on the participants home computers and utilising e-learning systems, we could create quite a powerful training environment for continuously learning.

Foto: Nord universitet

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