Frankenreads: the afterlife

It’s been a couple of months of very hard work, but I’m so pleased to be able to announce that our Frankenreads efforts have been continuing in the background. I’ve been editing a special edition of Litteraria Pragensia with my colleagues Cassandra Falke in Tromsø and Martin Procházka at Charles University, Prague. It went to press yesterday! To celebrate, and as a part of his own research endeavors, Martin has invited Cassandra, Brecht de Groote of University of Leuven (and of unhallowed fame!) and me to Prague for a workshop and journal launch. I cannot wait to visit Prague – I’m working my way through Kafka (a secret black hole in my reading repetoire) now in preparation. Here is the program for the workshop:

It’s ambitious, but focused on what is emerging as our central idea about Frankenstein, that the novel both resists and invites reader interpretation through its numerous structural and thematic innovations.

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