​Welcome! The Landscape Genomics Group at Nord University aims to understand local adaptation and adaptive potential in natural, human-disturbed and exploited populations. To do so, we study the evolutionary ecology and population genetics of various organisms across large and ecologically diverse landscapes. The results help us to determine how organisms persist, adapt to different environments, and diversify.


Predicting fish community responses to environmental policy targets

Happy to share some new policy-relevant findings, just published in Biodiversity and Conservation (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10531-021-02154-2)!  People working with aquatic biodiversity and habitat quality in Europe are probably familiar with the EU Water Framework Directive. The WFD proposes biological, hydromorphological, and physico-chemical habitat quality criteria that need to be achieved to reach or maintain a “good” or …

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Skitt fiske! Stickleback fieldwork in the age of covid-19

Fieldwork blog special by: Joost Raeymaekers, Benedikt Berger, Arun Gowda and Thijs Bal Fieldwork is an essential part, and often the start of many studies in ecology and evolution. In the week of 9th March 2020, all was ready for our team to leave for Belgium and the Netherlands for a new study on stickleback …

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Population genomics@Nord

The 2020 PhD course in Population Genomics at Nord University (course code : BIO9001) is held in Bodø from 9th – 15th of March 2020. The course, sponsored by NORBIS, consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations and computer laboratories that cover theory and practice of population genomics analyses. Topics include population genetic theory, introduction …

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G-BiKE: New European Network working on Genomic Biodiversity for Resilient Ecosystems

From September 4th to 6th 2019, Joost went to Sarajevo in Bosnia to attend the 2nd meeting of G-BiKE, a new European COST network focussing on Genomic Biodiversity Knowledge for Resilient Ecosystems. G-BiKE is a research network within the Horizon 2020 COST Programme to link scientists and practitioners across the EU and beyond, highlighting the …

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Stickleback and goby hunt in the charming Vesterålen

Student blog special by: Camela Haddad Wednesday 05/06/2019, at approximately noon, was the start of a great journey. After hours of driving, a short ferry trip and airport picking up, we all finally arrived to Vesterålen. The full team was constituted of Joost Raeymaekers, Thijs Bal, Jørgen Hetzler and myself (from Nord University, Bodø campus), …

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Eco-evolutionary dynamics across scales

Eco-evolutionary dynamics are mechanisms in nature that occur when ecological and evolutionary processes interact. For instance, when climate change decreases the duration of the snow cover in the mountains, white hares become more visible, and brown hares may become better than white hares in escaping the attention of predators such as foxes and white-tailed eagles. …

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ESEB 2019

The conference summer is nearby! In August 2019, Leona and Thijs are attending the 2019 congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) in Turku, Finland. The ESEB conference is the largest evolutionary biology conference in Europe – close to 1000 scientist usually gather to talk and listen to each other’s latest findings. Leona …

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Fishing for DNA (without bycatch)

Thijs is not the only one visiting the KU Leuven in Belgium this spring (March-May 2019). While he is out in the field fishing for sticklebacks, I am fishing for DNA in the lab with my Belgian colleague Els De Keyzer and Congolese visiting scientist Fidel Muterezi Bukinga. Our work focuses on the Lake Tanganyika …

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Adventures in Belgium 2019

Springtime means stickleback time! In March-April 2019, we are going to Belgium for fieldwork on stickleback. You can follow our adventures here.


Capacity Building Workshop @Uvira, DR Congo

In August 2018, Joost and I joined the organisation of an intensive 10-day summer school at the Centre de Recherche (CRH) in Uvira, DR Congo, with over 30 participants gathering from several regional institutes.   ​We taught a diverse array of broadly applicable topics; from scientific writing, literature search and how to avoid predatory journals, …

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